Bonona Media text messaging solution allows for Mobile Marketing only to verified opt-in subscriptions. Bonona Media has a zero tolerance policy for SMS spam. Subscribers will only receive SMS messages from campaigns that they have opted into.

Remove/Unsubscribe from a Bonona Media Campaign
If you wish to remove yourself from any campaign, please send a text message with the word STOP to 64600, 41400 or 90100. This will allow any subscriber the ability to quickly opt-out of our campaigns. You can also use the words REMOVEOPT OUTUNSUBSCRIBE, or CANCEL.

If you have any issues unsubscribing or need any additional assistance removing yourself from an SMS campaign, please contact Bonona Media support.

Bonona Media Definition of SMS Spam
We consider any unwanted SMS message as spam. We do NOT allow the use of any 3rd party lists. We only send messages to subscribers who have opt-in for a campaign.

How to report abuse/spam to Mobiniti?
Please send an email to with the following information:
Your mobile phone number.
Your full name.
The date & time you received an SMS message from 64600, 41400 or 90100.
The contents of the message you received.

Enforcement of our Anti-Spam Policy
We systematically monitor all communications for spam. If we suspect that a campaign is in violation of our Anti-Spam Policy, we will terminate the campaign immediately.

Additionally if a report of spam and/or abuse is made to us by a mobile user per the above we will investigate the campaign and determine if the campaign is in violation of our Anti-Spam policy. If it is the campaign will be shut-down immediately.

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